Looking Back and Going Forward

As we begin our study of the second half of Exodus, spend some time with your group praying through the following points:

  • Ask the Lord to increase your desire to read His Word. Ask for understanding as you read each week in preparation to hear the sermon and discuss the passage with your family and Home Group.
  • Thank the Lord for giving us His Word and letting us know the story of Exodus. Thank Him for continuing His story through our stories. Ask God to open your eyes to the ways He draws us out to draw us in. REFLECT on how the first half of Exodus has shown you this truth.
  • Think about specific areas of sin and darkness God has drawn you out of. Praise Him for rescuing you. Ask for strength to confess sin and flee from any darkness in which you currently find yourself.
  • Throughout our study, we will see many different attributes of God. Which of His attributes did you see most clearly in the first half of Exodus?
  • Pray that your group would have fruitful discussion each week and that, through the study of God’s Word, you will grow together and pursue Christ.
  • Ask God to tune your heart to the Holy Spirit as He makes you aware of time, moments and milestones to leverage for fruitful family discipleship throughout this study. Ideas for Family Discipleship are included each week alongside the group study questions.
  • Pray for unity among the campuses as we walk through Exodus together. Ask the Lord to speak through Matt and the other pastors who will preach each weekend and to sustain them through this long series. Thank the Lord for your gospel-centered community, and ask Him to help you hold one another accountable throughout this study.