Generous Hearts and Hands


Have a few group members read Exodus 35-36 aloud.

What hidden talent do you have?


Look at 35:4-29. What repeated words or phrases do you note? What idea is the writer emphasizing through these repetitions? Is this emphasis surprising? Why or why not?

Thinking back over the narrative of Exodus so far, where would Israel have gotten all these possessions? Do you think this would make it easier or harder for them to be generous? Why?

In 35:30-36:4, the narrative once again emphasizes the diverse and exceptional skills of the workers constructing the tabernacle. What parallel might we draw to the New Testament Church? What New Testament passage(s) can you think of to support your answer?

In 36:5-7, it is said that the people gave far beyond what was needed. Why do you think they were so generous?


What skill or gift do you possess that could be used (or used more faithfully) to serve the Church? Does using it to serve the Church mean using it specifically in the local church? Explain your answer.

Consider your own attitude toward possessions and talents. What lesson can you take from the generosity of the Israelites? What adjustment to your perspective on your possessions needs to take place? What are some practical ways you can be generous this week? This month? This year?


What attribute of God did you see in this week’s passage that particularly struck you? How should it change the way you pray, think, speak or act this week?

Ideas for Family Discipleship


Set aside a time this week for your family to read Exodus 35 together and then discuss these questions.

// How do you see people using their skills to serve the Lord in chapter 35?

// What gifts and talents did the Lord give you? Why do you think God made you the way that He did?

// How can you use what God has given you to serve Him, your city and your church?

// Discuss your family’s combined gifts and what you could do together for the kingdom this week.


Leverage opportunities in the course of everyday life this week to serve others. Memorize and share with each other 1 Peter 4:11, “Whoever serves as one who serves by the strength that God supplies in order that in everything God made be glorified through Jesus Christ.”