From Bitter to Sweet


Have a group member read Exodus 15 aloud.

What major theme stands out to you in the Song of Moses?


What does the Song of Moses tell us about the Red Sea crossing that we don’t see in 14:21-31? What does it further describe poetically?

What attributes of God are extolled in the Song of Moses? Scan through the text and note as many as you can find, either explicitly stated or implied.

Read vv. 22-24. The Israelites have been in the wilderness for only three days when they start grumbling. How would you respond if you were Moses? How would you respond if you were God?

What does God lay out to the Israelites as the conditions for protection? What sort of heart condition do these actions come out of?


Of the attributes of God described in the Song of Moses, which do we commonly celebrate in the modern church? Which do we rarely celebrate? How is our faith strengthened by celebrating all that is true about God, not just those attributes that we commonly meditate on?

Have you ever been helped by God but then quickly forgotten it? How can making repetition of His past provision/deliverance strengthen your faith? Practically, what are ways we can do this?

Describe a time that God turned a bitter relationship or situation into a sweet one. How long did it take? What did you learn from the experience? What current bitter relationship or situation needs a sweetening miracle from God?


What attribute of God did you see in this week’s passage that particularly struck you? How should it change the way you pray, think, speak or act this week?



Set aside a time this week for your household to read Exodus 15. Then go through these questions together:

// Why do you think Moses and the people of Israel started singing together?

// What is your favorite song about God?

// What has God done in, for and through your family that makes Him worthy of your worship?

// Sing a song or two to God together.


Leverage opportunities this week for worship—the right response to the goodness of God. Consider putting on worship music as you commute or drive around town. Seek opportunities in the course of your everyday life to praise God.


Consider how you might celebrate and commemorate God’s significant provision for your family. Some provision is not promised but worth celebrating, like life, salvation, a new job, a new house, etc. How can you establish and/or remember these spiritual milestones?