Falling Into Forgetfulness


Have a group member read Exodus 32 aloud.

What is your most valuable physical possession?


What are some startling elements of this chapter? What struck you most personally concerning the actions, emotions and words of Aaron, the people, God and Moses?

In verses 1-6, what belief drives the people of Israel to make an idol? Who gives the motivating instruction and does the main work of making the idol? Where did the people get the materials to construct the idol?

Look at verses 7-10. What is God’s response to the actions of Israel? What specifically about Israel’s actions angers God?
How do Moses’ prayers in verses 11-13 and 31 remind you of the ministry of Jesus Christ?


Who is someone for whom you regularly pray regarding their rejection of God? What can we learn from Moses’ posture and attitude when it comes to how we pray for the disobedient around us?

Have a group member read 1 Corinthians 10:1-14. What forms of idolatry make their way into the modern church? In practical terms, how can we flee from them?


What attribute of God did you see in this week’s passage that particularly struck you? How should it change the way you pray, think, speak or act this week?

Ideas for Family Discipleship


Set aside a time this week for your family to read Exodus 32 together. After reading the chapter, discuss these questions with one another.

// What is “idolatry”? Is there anything in your life that is so important it rivals or outpaces God?

// Read verse 24 again. Have you ever lied to try to cover up something wrong? How did it go?

// Why is it so hard to follow God’s laws? Should we just give up trying?

// What do you think it means to follow God’s laws through “grace-driven effort”? Why do we want God to be first in our life?


Leverage opportunities in the course of everyday life to remind each other that God is what is best. God is worthy—only God deserves all glory.