Days of Darkness


Have a group member read Exodus 1:8-22 aloud.

How would it have felt to be a Hebrew living in Egypt during the time described?


Describe Pharaoh’s initial plan for Hebrew population control in 1:8-14. What multiple purposes did it serve, from his perspective? What was the result?

Describe Pharaoh’s second plan for Hebrew population control in 1:15-22. What does it reveal about the relative value he placed on human life? On males versus females?

Despite living under the rule of a fearsome pharaoh, the Hebrew midwives walked in fear of God. How did their rightly-placed fear equip them to be obedient to their true master?


Who or what are we most likely to fear more than God? What is the secret to fearing God more than the “pharaohs” in our lives?

Obedience is a challenge when times are easy, but it is particularly difficult when times are hard. How is the rightly-placed fear of the Hebrew midwives an example to us? In what current circumstance can you imitate their courage by remembering whose servant you truly are?


What attribute of God did you see in this week’s passage that particularly struck you? How should it change the way you pray, think, speak or act this week?



Set aside a time this week for your household to read Exodus 1:8-22. Then go through these questions together:

// What is the hardest thing you’ve ever done or been through?

// How have you seen God work through difficulty?

// How do you think God feels about all the evil in our world?

// How is Jesus Christ God’s response to evil?


Leverage opportunities this week to talk about how “God is in charge of everything” and “God is good.” Opportunities might come up as you read or watch the news or as your child is confused about why something is happening or has happened. Capture any moments this week to remind your household that “Jesus came to save sinners” and that God is our Deliverer—God rescues His children.


What are the anniversaries of the hardest things in your life? How might you commemorate on those days how the Lord is making all things new? How can you mark growth in every year removed from that day?