Broken Spirit


Have a group member read Exodus 6:1-13 aloud.

What purpose does this section of the text serve? Why is it included here?


Look again at vv. 6-8. God begins and ends His message with, “I am the LORD.” Why do you think He does this? What are the implications of this repeated statement?

What sort of relationship is God planning for Israel and Himself? Did God know that Israel would be difficult? Why does He keep pursuing them?

What parallels do you see between Moses and Jesus in this portion of the story? Connect the themes of rejection, discouragement and obedience between the two men.


Have you ever been in a place where God’s promises and the good news of a bright future have been unbelievable? When was a time when the pain of the moment made it seem like there was no way out?

Moses and Aaron knew they had to obey God, even when the people of God felt like it was a lost cause. Are there ways the Church has given up on serving and obeying God because it seems like a lost cause? How can you persist in spite of this? How can you encourage your brothers and sisters forward?


What attribute of God did you see in this week’s passage that particularly struck you? How should it change the way you pray, think, speak or act this week?



Set aside a time this week for your household to read Exodus 6:1-13. Then go through these questions together:

// What God asked Moses and Aaron to do seems impossible. What is something that you’d like to see happen, but it seems impossible?

// Do you ever ask God for “impossible” things?

// How is our eternal life with God something impossible that the Lord has done through Christ?

// Is there anyone you would like the Lord to save, but it seems impossible? How can you be part of the Lord’s work in reaching them?


Leverage opportunities this week to point out and pray for people whom you hope the Lord saves. Say, “Jesus came to save sinners,” and remind each other that God is sovereign—God has the right, wisdom and power to do all that He pleases.


How do you celebrate and commemorate your own salvation? Consider having a baptism birthday party with your family, friends and neighbors.