To know the story of Exodus and God’s people is to recognize it as our own: He draws us out to draw us in. Through this series, we hope to learn the story of Exodus, grow in our awe and worship of God and celebrate the One who draws us out of our sin and draws us into relationship with Him.

Before Exodus: A Summary of Genesis

The first book of the Bible, Genesis, begins with a description of God creating the universe. Everything He made—from land to light to vegetation to animals—He called “good.” Only when God created man and woman was creation deemed “very good” and complete. Adam and Eve lived in the garden of Eden and had dominion over creation. But it didn’t take long for the peace of Eden to shatter.

Sin entered the world and changed everything. Mankind became separated from God, banished from paradise. Nothing would be the same. As mankind multiplied, they filled the earth and corrupted it. God brought His judgment upon earth, wiping out mankind with a flood and using the family of Noah to start anew. The Lord had a plan of redemption, and He would carry it out.

Generations passed, and the father of a future people, Abraham, was born. Abraham settled in Haran, where he received a promise from God. The promise was this: God would make Abraham and his offspring into a great nation, and they would one day dwell in the Promised Land. Abraham then moved his family to Canaan, but when a time of drought and famine hit, he brought them to Egypt.

Years passed, and Abraham had a son, Isaac, and Isaac had a son, named Jacob. Now Jacob had 12 sons, but the youngest, Joseph, was his favorite. Joseph's brothers, in their jealousy, sold Joseph into slavery. But the Lord gave Joseph favor with the pharaoh of Egypt, and Joseph rose to power in the royal palace. And when famine ravaged the land of Canaan, Joseph’s family came to Egypt, seeking food and provisions, and Joseph forgave his brothers.

So the house of Jacob remained in Egypt, and Joseph lived 110 years. But before he breathed his last, Joseph reminded the people of God’s promise to draw them out of Egypt and into the Promised Land.

Exodus Timeline

Exodus Part 1 Reading Plan

  • AUG 22 – 26 | EXODUS 1:1-7
  • AUG 29 – SEPT 2 | EXODUS 1:8-22
  • SEPT 5 – 9 | EXODUS 2:1-10
  • SEPT 12 – 16 | EXODUS 2:11-22
  • SEPT 19 – 23 | EXODUS 2:23-25
  • SEPT 26 – 30 | EXODUS 3
  • OCT 3 – 7 | BREAK
  • OCT 10 – 14 | EXODUS 4
  • OCT 17 – 21 | EXODUS 5
  • OCT 24 – 28 | EXODUS 6:1-13
  • OCT 31 – NOV 4 | EXODUS 6:14-30
  • NOV 7 – 11 | EXODUS 7:1-13
  • NOV 14 – 18 | EXODUS 7:14-9:12
  • NOV 21 – 25 | EXODUS 9:13-11:10
  • NOV 28 – DEC 2 | EXODUS 12:1-32
  • DEC 5 – 9 | EXODUS 12:33-14:31
  • DEC 12 – 16 | EXODUS 15

Exodus Part 2 Reading Plan

  • JAN 30 – FEB 3 | Exodus 1-15
  • FEB 6 – 10 | Exodus 16-17
  • FEB 13 – 17 | Exodus 18-19
  • FEB 20 – 24 | BREAK
  • FEB 27 – MARCH 3 | Exodus 20:1-21
  • MARCH 6 – 10 | BREAK
  • MARCH 13 – 17 | Exodus 20:22-24:18
  • MARCH 20 – 24 | Exodus 25:1-27:19
  • MARCH 27 – 31 | Exodus 27:20-30:10
  • APRIL 3 – 7 | Exodus 30:11-31:18
  • APRIL 10 – 14 | Exodus 32
  • APRIL 17 – 21 | Exodus 33-34
  • APRIL 24 – 28 | Exodus 35-36
  • MAY 1 – 5 | Exodus 37
  • MAY 8 – 12 | Exodus 38-39
  • MAY 15 – 19 | Exodus 40

Exodus The Plagues

Exodus Modern Day Map

When we read the Old Testament, it’s easy to forget that the people, places and events were real. This map shows significant locations from Exodus in a modern context.

Exodus 10 Commandments

Exodus Tabernacle

Exodus Additional Resources

Why Was the Golden Idol a Calf?

We have a tendency to take something important in culture and combine it with our worship of the Lord. We tell ourselves that we can make that work when in reality, we are creating idols.

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How Do We Interpret Tough Texts in Exodus?

By considering the historical context of Exodus 21-22, we can understand that God is showing how much He loves and values people, and we should seek to do the same.

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How the Ten Commandments Inform Identity

God gives the Israelites the Ten Commandments to explain how they should live in community with Him. They paint a picture of what it means to truly live with the identity and mission God has given His people.

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How Laws Altered the Israelites’ Lives

“Liturgy” means “work of the people” and encompasses all of life—everything was to center around God. As we draw near to the presence of God, our lives must change, as well.

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What God’s Covenant With the Israelites Signifies

The covenant God makes with Moses is rooted in the covenant He made with Abraham and involves three pieces: dwelling, dominion and dynasty.

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What Role Did Women Play in Exodus 16-40?

In thinking about the construction and upkeep of the tabernacle, we assume it was all done by men, but that was likely not the case.

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Why Is Mount Sinai

In Exodus 19, God speaks to Moses and the Israelites at Mount Sinai.

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Will God Dwell with His People Again?

After the Fall, one of the fundamental questions is, “Will we ever get to experience God’s presence again?”

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Exodus Part 2 Logo Wallpaper

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God’s People Wallpaper

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Moses Wallpaper

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Crossing the Red Sea

How does God ultimately deliver His people from Egypt?

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The Passover Meal

What is the purpose of the Passover meal?

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The Name of God

In Exodus 3, what does the revealing of God’s name—Yahweh—signify?

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The Role of the Midwives

How should we understand the Hebrew midwives’ actions in Exodus 1?

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Seeing the Gospel in Exodus

How does the story of Exodus help us to understand the gospel of Jesus Christ?

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Exodus Logo Wallpaper

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Burning Bush Wallpaper

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Egypt Wallpaper

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“The Book of Exodus” videos by The Bible Project

Short, animated videos that unpack the major themes and ideas of Exodus

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Exodus LifeChange Bible study by The Navigators

Discussion questions, study aids and more for personal or group study

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Exodus: Saved for God’s Glory commentary by Philip Graham Ryken

An insightful exposition on the book of Exodus and the character of God

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Pharaoh’s Hardened Heart

An explanation of why God hardened Pharaoh’s heart during and after the plagues

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The 10 Plagues

A descriptive chart about the plagues and the Egyptian gods they represented

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